A crucial step in the publishing life cycle, where our English editing team creates ready-to-publish manuscript as per the publishing goals set by the author.

Editing Services we provide

  • 1. Copy Editing Services

    • English language and grammar check
    • Eliminating typographical errors
    • Improving readability and technical accuracy
    • Document formatting as per the publisher or journal
  • 2. Substantive Copy Editing Services

    • Preliminary copy editing service plus
    • Logical flow in the manuscript by following formatting norms
    • Content enhancement or rephrasing as per requirement and maintain accuracy
    • Presentation of the text in the document from title to the end
    • Performing plagiarism check
  • 3. Proofreading Services

    Final editing stage of a manuscript that checks for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, incorrect uses of punctuation marks and also reviews lacking constituency in spacing, underscores, text style like fonts, etc.

  • 4. Manuscript Rewriting Services

    Manuscript rewriting is done when the writing or English language of the paper is poor and most often rejected by journals. Or you may want to convert your paper to a thesis or vice versa. Manuscript rewriting involves extensively rewriting the entire sentence or paragraphs or sections of the manuscript.

    • Review of overall structure of manuscript
    • Rewriting at word, sentence, paragraph and section levels
    • Clear, concise and complete writing