Publication support services spanning from journal selection, journal submission, pre-submission review, artwork formatting, journal resubmission support and plagiarism check & correction services, there by maximizing your chances of publication in the best suitable journals.

Publication Support Services we provide

  • 1. Journal Selection

    Choosing the correct journal is essential to guarantee that your paper gets published. Frequently, papers are rejected on the grounds that the exploration subject is outside the extent of the journal, or is focused on an alternate objective audience. With this Journal Selection Services, our specialists separately go through your original copy and suggest the top most appropriate journals for you.

    • Our expert’s recommendation of 3-5 best suited journals based on scope of study and subject, target journal type
  • 2. Journal Submission

    We perceive how submitting your manuscript to a journal can be both difficult and time consuming. At EnvisageTech, our Journal Submission service is specially designed to assist busy researchers sail through submission requirements without additional botheration of submission anxiety and also ensuring that all your submission requirements are met on time.

    •  Manuscript formatting according to target journal guidelines
    •  Creating a cover letter to address the target journal editor
    •  Hassle-free target journal account creation & submission
  • 3. Journal Resubmission Support

    In case your manuscript receives reviewer comments, our publication experts will take over and assist you with everything that’s needed to resubmit your manuscript to the journal.

    • Revisit the revised manuscript to make sure it meets target journal requirements
    • Verify your responses to the journal feedback, ensuring that all the questions are answered correctly
    • Submit your revised manuscript and responses to the same journal
  • 4. Journal Pre-Submission Review

    With this service, our experts assess and review your manuscript and provide constructive feedback so that it can be addressed in your manuscript much before the journal submission.

    • Perform technical review of the manuscript to eliminate major rejection reasons and to provide manuscript improvement suggestions
  • 5. Illustration & Artwork formatting

    This is a fine-tuning service that fixes the flaws in the manuscript related to resolution, color, image size, file size, text and font, style consistency of numbers, letters and symbols used in a multi-panel image, file format, line weight and type.

  • 6. Article Publishing - Indexed Journals

    • Ei compendex journals
    • SCI journals
    • SSCI journals
    • AHCI journals
    • Scopus journals
  • 7. Plagiarism Check & Correction

    With this service, we check the originality of the manuscript through software and provide a report that highlights the problematic areas of the manuscript so as to avoid the automatic paper rejections.

    • If you are worried about self-plagiarism or unintentional plagiarism, we help you check the similarity index and reduce the similarity percentage with our plagiarism correction services